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10 Scenes Remaining 50% Complete

Deadshot's Safari scene is finished and I am moving on to Penquins Rookery which combines a runway dinner theater, bar and dance floor to entertain a plethora of dolls at Got Ham's hottest nightspot. The Wayne family is rescued in the most recent scene by Batgirl, Faggot Force and Lebron James Robin from the clutches of the the Riddler and Will Smith Deadshot at the safari attraction. Damian Wayne almost has the opportunity to reconnect with his grandpa Ra's Al Ghul but thanks to the quick actions of Faggot Force the Growing band of Robins all live to slay another day.

Current runtime with some shorter scenes remaining after Penguin's Rookery is 1 hour and 16 minutes without title cards and with many unsequenced frames to be eliminated in the final action comic to keep all chapters to the three hour length goal. I will likely post the complete rough cut on this site prior to editing the action comic sometime in early April.

I learned today that Chat GPT-6 will include AI music creation similar to the Jukebox trademark from 2020 and will integrate original music in the style of various artists and I can't wait to see what AI comes up with for RuPaul. Based on six song generations that I sampled today from other artists the head wont tug any heartstrings to a meaningful climax when compared the original artists work and the technology has a lot to learn to catch up with her majesty's diddler on the woof.

After all the action as unwilling prey in the Safari park, our heores are ready for a night out on the town but this time they won't be caught unaware by the Syndicate and will donn their crime fighting costumes for the Penguin's soiree. Will the Penguin try to castle our heroes with his menacing rooks before the night is over? Watch and find out.

I really like a pre-action comics club scene and I plan to integrate similar elements into Penguin's Rookery in addition to a new runway supporting the dinner theater.. Shitburgers are on the menu as expected.

One of my favorite scenes in the 60s Batman series is the Batusi which is definitely high-camp comedy Hopefully Batman will keep his Cat purring as their relationship strengthens with a memorable dance. The Penguin has some surprises in store to foil those brave enought to resist the growing Shitburger industry in Got Ham City.

Graysons My Dear Dicks: A New Batman Adventure. Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics #34 coming this May from Ederhansel's World LLC.

Catch up on all the action comics on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute or Rumble. RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians 2: Judgment Day in development for production somewhere down the yellow brick road and as far away from Kansas and Oklahoma as I can get.

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