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Chapter 3 Finished

Similar to the Draco movie, Chapter 1 will require two chapters once the title cards are added. The rough cut minus some backgrounds is complete for chapter three.

Chapter 3 wherein Cobra Commander and Katya tie the knot and the commander is really letting his hair down after stripping the masks that both of the star crossed lovers wear. The commander has offered Katya the world as a wedding gift and the stage is set.

Santa observes the nuptials and decides to leave the party early to return to LA to discuss the shotgun wedding and his concerns about Cobra Commander's plans which include a bio-weapon selectively designed to depopulate most terrestrial males with some notable exceptions.

Santa enjoys benefitting from Katya's gifts on the side from his relationship with Trixie and David and RuPaul and plans to meet with Trixie and Ru to plan a way to free Katya.

Sadly by the time Santa reaches RuPaul's Hollywood Studio he is beginning to feel the effects of the virus which the open sleigh ride exposed him to quite handily. When a supernatural being isn't immune to the effects of the virus time is unquestionably of the essence to once again save Christmas and make sure that Santa delivers the goods.

Fortunately, Mrs. Claus is hosting this year's Women's Meeting at the North pole and will enlist her girls to help out with finding a cure which will require a special ingredient that only the Snowbunnies can provide.

Will Ru, Trixie, Mrs. Claus, the GI Janes, and a host of beautiful bitches be able to get Christmas on track while freeing the annoying patri-archies from their bunkers? Watch and find out.

Just noticed from a social media post that RuPaul Charles has released a new holiday album and I am agog. Thank you Ms Charles, can't wait to hear it!

Anxious to build another big set for the Womens party followed by the expanded Snowbunnies village. Hopefully all principle photography will be complete by December 1 similar to the 2022 Snowbunnies movie.

Katya arrives at Cobra Commander's island base.

Katya steels herself for a few surprises not communicated by the Commander at the grand opening of Ya Route 66 after arriving at the island.

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