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Charleses Chapter 3 finished

Updated: May 17, 2023

The third chapter of concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics is finished and I have never been more eager to move onto the next project. I discovered some limitations to the low-cost off the shelf software and its processing capabilities that slowed down the production for a few days. I am glad that Mercury is no longer in retrograde. I am happy with the new chapter format for bigger productions and breaking the story into more manageable chunks. This strategy will be essential going forward. In the end I will probably have to master Adobe Premiere and After Affects for a stop motion film. And then there is Firefly and I can't wait for that!

I am taking note that I need to plan the principal photography a bit more carefully for consistent story development and this matters especially for my upcoming sci-fi epic that I don't even have a working title for and as the story keeps changing due to doll and effects constraints. I might have to postpone the epic because getting RuPaul and the King to the Grove is so very enticing. Will I ever make a movie where all the dolls have been made specifically for the various roles? At around $150 for each like the director in the Snowbunnies movie I don't see that on the horizon. Fortunately the space problems are under control for now and soon the need for a studio supporting Ederhansel's World will be critical. Lighting consistency is critical for Dragonframe.

I wish that I could come up with a short film concept which is shot fully from start to finish rather than storyboard concepts. I wish I could master 3D scanning and printing heads for doll body conversions to any living or dead person. I wish I had something other than the shitty AI voice software that I own and real actor voices to eliminate the annoying storyboard title cards. I wish that RuPaul would sing a song that tells a complete story about herself like the intro to chapter three. I am so up for a song like This Town from Ru to make into a short form stop motion video. I wish that I could devote my werk life to creative pursuits rather than feeding the blood sucking pigs at work and writing shit that few will ever care about or read or begging for money from the government. Some life coach on Tik-Tok suggested writing down your wishes so here we are.

In the new chapter we get a tour of the Werk Room for Project M.U.R.D.E.R. and a bevy of friends and family are on hand to set the stage for the competition. The first two chapters which coincidentally were shot first remain my favorites, but I am hopeful about the final chapter and the competition with Rosie and Madonna, Will and Harry, and RuPaul and Michelle reunited. Just like the real show I get bored quickly with the werk room antics.

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