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Editing Progressing

I will complete frame ordering perhaps tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I plan to create a finalized compile file in the proper slide order and then will proceed with the addition of titles to tell the story which worked pretty well for the fudge factory movie to begin the process of final editing with progressive edit dailies.

The chapter title pages look a little pixelated on a good rendering setting but based on the software that I'm using I am not looking to increase the file size any more because of the many many green screen composite images which are sizeable. Avid it ain't hunty.

Once I get a more complete full action comics movie I will post an edit on here or link this site to the Rumble site which is pretty good so far. I was worried about the transfer rate based on my experience with videos on that site, but maybe that is because they are actually being watched rather than unlisted, ha ha.

The story is coming out great with some new plot points and related text to be added. Trixie is quite the character and Katya is also a force to be reckoned with because practically every one she meets she falls in lust with and is always eager to offer a helpful hand or pussy..

I am happy to have included Brian who loves hanging out with his friends at Santa's orgy when Santa has chores to do and think it was so nice of Santa to give Brian a wheelchair for moving about Santa's house, workshop and gym since he didn't feel like walking or wearing any pants since his pussy was a little sore from all Santa's loving.

After the celebration of Santa and Trixie's love officiated by none other than Pope John Paul back from the dead Cobra delivered the message to Trixie themselves that it was time to get back to werk. Trixie and Katya didn't waste any time after RuPaul requested a meeting with Santa and they were dismissed to make a hasty escape back to Anchorage and catch a plane back to LA.

Trixie wasn't going to bother with that rickety frame for her travels and together they made their escape without the Muskie sleigh.

Photo and some free writing of supplemental content for the story::

Trixie and Katya crash land in the Land of the Snowbunnies on their way to the North Pole. Will they make it out OK? Not without some help along the way from the Baby Angel of the Forest and her Squirrel Friend. Fortunately, a studly Crystal King was hunting for gems commonly found in the Land of the Snowbunnies and was more than willing to help our damsels in distress. He served our heroes as a guide to the Kingdom of the Snowbunnies and knew that the king would possess the magic to recharge the magic carpet so that Trixie and RuPaul could continue their mission to bring Trixie home, err back to werk in building her budding empire.

All of Trixies parts since she met Santa were like buds opening and just the beginning of some petals starting to droop like a well stimulated pussy eager for anything remotely resembling a hose to nourish its thirsty folds. Trixie was like a flower child and bride all in one at her first wedding orgy.

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