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Groves of Academe

The 2023 Grove movie branded as part of The Charleses franchise is well underway. The third set after the Help and Bohemian Underground were finished the Cremation of Care scene is nearly ready for doll loading after I redress all those fucking dolls from the Underground scene! The release of dull cares in Ederhansel's World is definitely gayer than the real place.

Don Trump has really upped his game this year as he hopes to gain favor for securing the presidency. Bill, W, Barack, and the Pope all show up for what is sure to a memorable affair. Reagan and Bush have been hanging out with Death lately and they still like hanging out in the Grove during the encampment and Death usually gets at least one new soul per season when he's there.

Trixie and Katya, invited by RuPaul experience their first season. King Charles and RuPaul's love has grown in their absence and both these mutha fuckahs are in a randy mood and ready to get the lay of the land. Santa is already a member and he'll all ready be encamped when the royal party begins.

The Charleses Werk the Grove coming soon from Ederhansel's World.

Don and Bruno met on the first episode of The Charleses

Don and his African American

Don and his twin

Don wishing he had a dick that big.

Don giving the biggest most beautiful blowjob that the world has ever seen while a million members looked on just like his inauguration.

Don and W play Let's Make a Deal.

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