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New Project With Book Tie-in

The Good Doctor Gregory Clare A Memoir produced by Ederhansel's World LLC and expanded text available in print and action comic and audiobook voiced by any of the living people featured or AI deep fakes to raise money to expand people's potential to express themselves through stories reflecting light and darkness existing among us in perfect balance according to God's will. Coming in 2024.

I setup the Santa's airstrip Chapter 5 of Rupaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2 Oh and Trixie Too and in need of female dolls of various origins but mostly Barbies. In this scene the guests are arriving. for Mrs. Claus Women's Party on a recently constructed landing strip from the money she saved working as a hooker on the side.

The old girl was happy that she was, a little closer to home than having to endure the heat in Vancouver in early December like last year because she could only wear her overcoat because she was burning up in more ways than one and this year she had been dieting and decided to die her hair for the first time in ages and mostly out of respect for Santa who had been gray to white for at least several millennia. She was ready to get down with the ladies because she was rather lonely with Santa living with Trixie and David full time and fucking RuPaul on the side along with Michelle, Bruno, and especially Katya.

Katya loved eating and fucking Santa's ass and Santa liked to brag to his elves about what he was getting so word was getting around and unfortunately to Mrs. Claus. But as she was accustomed she suffered in silence and always excused Santa as essentially a man. Immortal yes but still a man.

Mrs. Claus decided that this year she was going to use her cunning uniqueness nerves and talents in new ways and really let her hair down with her new appearance and fashion style. She predicted she'd have both Cher and Dolly eating her ass and pussy real soon while she looked around the room and summoned Rosie to kiss her as she ate Madonna's pussy since she did such a good job last year eating Mrs. Claus ass. .

Perhaps I should have Madonna and RuPaul sing a duet sitting on a swan that I plan to have in the women's party set. Coming this Christmas from Ederhansel's World. RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2 Oh and Trixie Too.

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