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Pre-Production Ending

Minus one trip to the storage tomorrow morning to retrieve a few things that I stupidly took over there, and one of which is written into the script and needs to be filmed. The other will enhance the planes taking off, specifically the two lane road from Our Town video used as a runway.

But other than that I just need to build out the sets, pull out the secondary cast which is going to be tough and start shooting on two stages. Everything is pulled together for each scene

I am most excited about the Snow Bunnies scene to which I plan to add more from the current version of the draft.

They will be a full two table setup. Here are some supporting props before the Snow Bunnies are added to the scene.

And then there are costumes which are basically going to be a pain after Trouble at RuPaul's Low Orbit Fudge Factory. The crew uniforms haven't been stripped and all these dolls will need to be redressed. Fortunately, I might not use many of them.

The scene I need the hottest men for is Trixie and Santa's Sexy Party. Here are some preliminary doll pulls to support the crazy event when Katya and RuPaul catch up with Trixie and Santa in his workshop. Again a two table and hundreds of dolls setup. I was thinking of adding some superheroes other than the latest ones below but don't want to overuse them after the fudge factory movie.

One of my favorite montages coming later will be RuPaul's description about what Mrs. Claus vacation was like at the female retreat. There will be gobs of pussy eating and too much talking in between just like RuPaul's description. There's still a buttload of dolls to populate the hotel ballroom scene. My favorite is the female ball team.

And another montage of Santa and Mrs. Claus fooling around in bed when he thinks about the effect that Trixie's pussy has on his senses.

And then onto RuPaul. She has a special outfit coming as does Katya for when they are at the North Pole coming soon. Trixie will wear her same outfit that came on her doll because this is her premiere. I was going to wait for Best Little Boy In the World reinvention starring Trixie Mattel as her first Ederhansel's World film, but I thought that blending RuPaul into a project with her would add more punch to the next entry. In the current film Trixie never veers from her intentions, nor does Katya.

A couple of Trixie props, nothing to see here.

And of course RuPaul brought more than one wig in her whore bag.

And then there's Santa's workshop where all those men have gathered which will be expanded to a two table setup.

And then miscellaneous things which will be fun to shoot like the changing image of Santa over the centuries herstory montage. And the rainbow forest before entering the Land of the Snow Bunnies.

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