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Principal Photography Finished

RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians: The story of AEON principal photography is! Now its time to move on to adding the dialogue and editing the individual chapters similar to the approach used for The Charleses: A Royal Tale. This approach is much more manageable than the full movie compiles and also breaks up topical content to support episodic playback in serial format.

I am trying to decide whether to simultaneously begin shooting scenes for this year's Grove movie after the strike is complete this weekend and all doll assets are switched out in the storage. I plan to resurrect the tents from the Don't Go Breaking My Heart video to support the various encampments plus a shit load of other campy sets including the tepees. I have been looking forward to shooting the Bohemian Underground for some time which hasn't been seen in the prior Grove movies. The new owl has been patiently waiting for some time to make its debut and is a major upgrade from 2021! Will RuPaul and King Charles III love grow, what on Earth will Trixie and Katya get down to, and will Barack finally satisfy Donald's lust for the tower of power? Probably if he gets a little golden shower.

What I would thoroughly enjoy is hopping on a plane and working on titles and chapter edits somewhere else, and perhaps that will come to pass, perhaps not. We will see how July goes.

Due to some doll limitations there are some ancient times AEON lives that had to be traded off from the original story concept for dolls that I actually own. I am thrilled with the final sequence in which RuPaul meets the new Draco Queen who releases her soul from Earth due to the fact that the love RuPAUL shares through her Arcturian and now human soul evolution presents a threat to the plantation owners.

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