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Spaceward Ho

Updated: May 27, 2023

I made up my mind to stick with the original sci-fi movie and not skip ahead to the Grove. Acquired the most amazing mini-stage diorama dollhouse (high-end custom retail shelving). It will be an amazing tool and only $64.99!

Filming the Draco moon space station interiors first including the massive Queen's bedroom set. Below are some test shots as I finish up the sets. I like the live animal storage facility concept and need to beef it up a bit. The bridge, weapons systems room, colonizing storage.

I need to go shopping for sci-fi interior backgrounds on Motion Array. Hopefully they will have some new ones.

She can't help it she is only a hybrid.

Could you be any sexier?

I thought so!

This is what we wear in weapons control.

Oh Captain, I just love the length of your skirt.

So I heard he ate the whole thing in one gulp.

Not the ideal Lady Bunny doll I was looking for but she will have to suffice and will look amazing in the amusement park at the center of the maze. Different movie I realize but here is her debut in the Draco Queen's bedroom.

Gosh that zero g orgy room.

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