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Strange and Wonderful

Production of the origin story for RuPaul's soul continues as we first meet the Draco Reptilians traveling on their moon to investigate a spatial anomaly and encounter the Arcturians. Werking title for this project is RuPaul Werks the Draco Reptilians which will not be the final title.

I hope to finish the Draco content as I prepare to pivot to the Arcturian battle in which the soul of RuPaul as a leader of the Arcturians is captured by the Draco Queen and begins her long multi-lifetime journey imprisoned on the Draco Reptilian prison planet known as Earth in preparation for her ultimate liberation, battle with her captors and advancement to Queen of the Herniverse.

Here are some of the raw images of the Draco moon space station content not in sequence and some music tests. I suspect that this storyboard will be completed by early July so we can catch up to the Charleses reunion at the Grove.

I am anxious to build on the story of Trixie and Katya in the new grove movie which will influence the 2023 holiday movie adventure. I am really enjoying Trixie's fashion choices so far on Queen of the Universe and I hope the gowns continue flowing. I just need to decide which dress suits her as she gives RuPaul a run for her money and comes between the Charleses. Top priorities: Lady Bunny and Jinkx Monsoon dolls or their appropriate proxies.

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