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The Charleses Werk the Grove Principal Photography Complete

Below is the raw frame dump of the 2023 Grove movie which has come a long way over the past two years versions. The next step is sequencing the frames, adding the title cards and breaking the story into chapters.

I have some additional editing to do for the final chapter of RuPaul Werks the Draco Reptilians: The Story of Aeon which is the priority before completing the new Charleses project.

As you recall from The Charleses: A Royal Tale, RuPaul invites King Charles to attend the annual encampment of a fantasy club where she is asked to perform each year by a group of familiar and more hidden elites. It's a gay old time as we get a peek into the werkers roles, meetings, rituals, plays, and loads of fun translated to doll world.

The Christmas movie theme is progressing but not to a point of a werking title. Another project under development is a totally new adventure in the Land of Oz with RuPaul saving the day in some more perilous geographic regions behind the moon and beyond the rain. Her friends including Glinda and a new good witch, two new Wicked witches, the Lion, Tin Man, Woodman, Scarecrow, and the Munchkins along with some totally new characters will support the adventure. The balance of good and wickedness will again be put to the test with RuPaul as the Guru navigating love and truth. It takes a village to support overcoming wicked witches that are organized! Stay tuned.

Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World LLC Action Comics. It has been exciting to see more creators translating their stories into doll adventures which are truly the most elevated form of shadow werk to cope with an inequitable world. I hope that Ederhansel's World can provide inspiration for those who are oppressed and want to tell all sorts of new stories in familiar and unfamiliar worlds.

Speaking of familiar fantasy worlds, I have been so disappointed that a new vision of Logan's Run has not emerged from Hollywood and I think its about time that Ederhansel's World tells the story of managing a closed system society that appropriate structures birth and death with no planned escapes to the old world from runners. In case you haven't figured it out yet, you can never run from yourself and manifestation of God entrusted to your soul. So much to do and so many distractions from my vapid job training slaves for the old systems, but hopefully this science fiction vision will be created by next year at this time.

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