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Busy Busy But Unlike a Beaver

Making progress and feeling like its time to move on. I want to make this reptilian movie and I see such value in capitalizing on some of the shit out there like the great fiction of Dr. Michael Salla culled from questionable sources. It doesn't matter to me much if false as likely or true, the core story is some fucking shit to go with for new storylines and evolution including shape shifting and other capabilities of reptiles that become highly evolved like venom hypo sprays and simulated shells for maintaining control of the masses.

First attempt at frame sequencing after frame editing and dumping over 100 images. I would like to dump 2-300 more but we will see. The 10 second dialogue cards must be used sparingly. Deliver a punch line and add a few supporting frames before adding the next kernel of dialogue. That seems to be the modus operandi since Fudge Factory. Remember prior to the 20s movies like Oz where the story relied solely on image content and maybe a little song to shape a mood.

The King is gonna find out if his family will eat and shit their way to safety and his majesty's grace or relocate to the newly remodeled penal colony called Australia. RuPaul and friends will serve up their C.U.N.T.S. with all the witty exchanges that your could ever imagine. A sustainable royal decree for gender equality and all the nasty shit that goes along with it, right Donald and Barack? You lookin good together and Barack has the patience to find that dick as he prays that you are a grower and have a little cum left. He also won't bite on those sensitive balls of yours without licking your ass first since he's a perfect gentleman.

Current edit, hurry up fucker, onto greener pastures on other moons. Telling the story of RuPaul's soul before she ended up as Queen of the Universe. at that little old fudge factory.

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