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Cast of Boy Wonders

Today was a fun day of pre-production. The casting started last night and I have decided to get a little playful with the stars appearing in the movie. I made up my mind tonight for who RuPaul will play and she will be Catwoman. Oh she's gonna be sassier than Eartha Kitt and both vicious and in heat. Her claws are ready and potentially lethal but you best beware her bite. After her last prison sentence she was lookin for love and decided to pursue Batman's heart like maybe a cat would in her breeding rituals. 50 times during the breeding session for a lion but bitch this was RuPaul, so lets multiply it by a factor of 10.

The men cast as boy wonders sorry no batchicks in this film, perhaps the sequel, see RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2, Oh and Trixie too if you like lesbian action from Ederhansel's World. Perhaps its time to create a new world to explore women's issues and call it. Pay-Up-World.

Anyway, back to the nest of Robins and their friends who Batman so nicely cares for at Stately Wayne Manor and beyond. So many men and who to include. GI Joe as the henchmen dressed as similarly as possible within the villain's crime group. 4 different costumes coming supporting up to five henchmen but from China so 30 days-ish. So Batcave, Wayne Manor could be built soon and they are going to be fun.

The final materials for the enclosure and Batmobile are coming soon and all movie props have been collected. Set building is imminent which helps me to write the story by playing with the dolls in the scene. This would be fun to do in a collaborative process once I get out of this shithole state.

Here is an oldie but goodie as early inspiration for the GI Joe Project and Ederhansel's World Action Comics as I ponder who are Batman and his Boy Wonders? And what kind of situations will they find themselves in the end, beginning and in between as they stretch their limits?

Watch and find out.

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