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Chapter 2 Finished

I am happy with how it turned out. I now know precisely how to clean up the working edit of Chapter 1. The cartoon converted cards look like shit even at 4K and although in the past I probably wouldn't have cared but for some reason I am starting to care. I think that I am falling in love with my movies and we are going to have the baddest of romances going forward. My little message in a bottle if you will and still the really early shit isn't posted. I lost count of the movies I have made in the twenties but I am certain I haven't hit the 30s yet.

On this note which is F Major for me, WiX has pretty lousy storage capacity for the price and need a membership targeted to video hosting sites offering the most generous storage capacity in the industry to build market share in website hosting. The sad thing is the management doesn't think this way and are seriously affected by a complacency bias like so many big companies. The little fiefdoms or leadership priorities with halos of favorable performance rule the day. We'll think about future strategies and staying on task to achieve them next quarter mentality is something that needs to change based on the outdated system of quarterly earnings reporting for our equally questionable government's taxation policies. Alternative monetized delivery channels should be developed further by WiX and if successful could help to shape the user generated content industry which will continue to grow in size and revenue.

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