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Chapter 2 London Editing Progressing

One more edit and the final compile for Chapter 2 of The Charleses: A Royal Tale before we head into the Werk Room at BBC studios for RuPaul's new competition show targeting hot topics like sustainability and the monarchy and where old meets new. There are some errors which seem omnipresent but after all its just concept art. Will Ederhansel's World ever have the space needed for stop motion production? I know that increasing the frame count dramatically will slow production if green screen composites are required to perhaps a single movie per year, but hopefully one day my dreams for action comics will be realized.

Will RuPaul and Charles fall in love, will Harry and William make amends, and what do Queen Elizabeth II, Diana and Death think of the entire affair. Watch and find out.

The new RuPaul sci-fi feature continues in pre-production detailing the remarkable lives over the millennia that have led the Queen of the Herniverse to where she is today. The Draco cast is in place. The Draco Queen's spaceship is in the mail as is the Arcturian root soul entity from which RuPaul was created.

RuPaul's dress for when we reach modern times has still not been purchased but I remain hopeful that it can be secured on Thursday of this week. More on pre-production this weekend assuming the Werk Room editing progresses appropriately.

I have decided that I'm not done with RuPaul and her new beau just yet and we learn in Chapter 2 of The Charleses that the King has agreed to join RuPaul at Bohemian Grove to attend the 2023 Grove Play where RuPaul has been starring the past few years. I look forward to conceptualizing the Bohemian underground with some unseen as yet new set pieces.

I am thinking of a montage of some old production material from the Grove shot prior to action comics to support the storytelling like a herstory sequence like the one in the fudge factory movie in my new summer movie. I just hope that the sci-fi flick doesn't take me months to produce like The Charleses has. The original story concept was written in December prior to embarking on the Thunderbirds prequel which seems like it was made long before the Snowbunnies epic holiday story in which we learn about RuPaul and Santa's affair and meet Trixie for the first time. Oh, and that bitch is rising so much that she will also being making her debut at the Grove encampment this year as well. No doubt that Trixie will stir the pot when she interacts with all those eager Joes. And what of Katya, hmmn we'll just have to wait and see what Russia has up her sleeves.

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