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Chapter 4 Rough Cut No Titles

Below is the first compile of the fourth and final chapter of The Charleses: A Royal Tale with none of the witty repartee added in the title cards to finalize frame sequencing. I am excited to report that a new RuPaul doll will support the summer and fall projects.

I am excited about this doll who will transition beautifully between our sci-fi hero as the captured Arcturian leader's contemporary soul container incarnation when he/she confronts the current or the same and really fucking old Draco Reptilian queen who originally captured the soul of the Arcturian leader in the upcoming sci-fi epic.

The other RuPaul dolls and a new male bald RuPaul will support her male incarnations throughout herstory. This doll will also be great as a 50s/60s appearing Grove camper for the 2023 movie. As in the past RuPaul will star in the Grove Play with her invited guest King Charles III as their new love builds or wilts. I am trying to decide if the 1937 Grove Play Lif Kronan or the 1970 Bonny Cravat will be added to the story. Time to dig out the COBRA dolls to see what relationship they have with King Charles III and its also time to pull out Trixie and Katya who attend the Grove for the first time. Both of their holes will give the encampment sewers and forest a break during no doubt.

I have been thinking about the Bohemian Underground for some time and I can't wait to build that set. As my ideas develop for the Grove movie there will be some free writing in the blog soon to help with story development, a first for a Grove movie in the progress Ederhansel's World has made in the past year in production processes.

Lot's of juicy shit in the tabloids lately to support some new dialogue from Charles. Like Santa will he look for a side away from the current side Camilla? Maybe its time to make Trixie jealous if Katya fucks Charles first and he wants to move in with her as he maintains his discreet relationship with Ru as a little irony after the Snowbunnies movie and Santa/Trixie/David throuple. The Christmas movie with all dolls revolving around movies post Fudge Factory will be epic! I guess you'll have to wait and see.

Also, I determined a more workable solution than a gimbal hopefully using chroma key gloves so I need to construct a small set for some stop motion tests in my spare time...ha ha. The Leonardo/Jack doll doing some basic moves in his Titanic costume in front of a White Star Lines backdrop is what I am thinking for the test.

Here's an extra treat the 2021 Grove movie and the 2022 version below it, I need to contemplate the events of 2023 including camp setup and new unseen areas like the Underground.

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