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Chapter 5 The Arrival

Finishing up the first scene in the North Pole where this year's Women's Advance for three-pussy identified even if technically they only had two Subgroup of the Universal Pussy Association were preparing to really let their hair down in Santa's Village. Mrs. Claus was a different woman these days since Santa was living full time with Trixie and David. She never told Santa that she was hosting the party and he heard it secondhand from RuPaul of all people. Santa was outraged. She knew after all these centuries that she had let herself go and decided to lose some weight and start dyeing her hair again. She was just swimming in her clothes but everyone knew she wouldn't have them on long as soon as the party started.

This is a rough cut of the airstrip Mrs. Claus had built with her income from participation in Cobra Global logistics by greatly increasing the number of reindeer and delivery sleighs serving the world and making Mrs. Claus rich. Big set next, the UPA Holiday Advance Party. . I plan to pay homage to Kubrick and the lovely Christmas movie Eyes Wide Shut by recreating the judgment of Katya by the Women Elite and closing the circle around her. I'm going to use stands for that scene in case you are curious about doll moviemaking.

But first the dolls will engage in various fun activities like enjoying either the liquor in the front or poker in the rear lounges. RuPaul and Trixie happened upon Katya and are shocked that her name was not on the list. Katya has some important intelligence for RuPaul and Trixie. COBRA is trying to massively depopulate men can you imagine, shouldn't it be the other way around and more people should be fucking and making babies? Mrs. Claus is involved somehow as well so be careful around her.

RuPaul said, You are little behind the times. I was just with Santa in LA, and he is sick with whatever this shit that your new husband Katya, Cobra Commander spread all over the planet from the building you were married in. What do you have to say for yourself?

I hated him at RuPaul's Ya Route 66 Amusement Park Grand Opening Party but after he drugged me and shipped me to his base and we both stripped with no masks and were basically sexually compatible I thought I could do worse and he promised me a whole new world as my wedding gift.

We'll have you deprogrammed later. Get ready to travel home Bitch.

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