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Chapter 8 finished

Principle photography is complete for chapter eight for the Snowbunnies village in RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2: Oh and Trixie Too.. RuPaul and Trixie were directed to take one of Santa's sleighs to journey to the village after learning at the Poker in the Rear Party at the Universal Pussy Association Advance from Mrs. Claus that some COBRA agents had journeyed to the village for information about the current plague impacting the men of Earth. The GI Janes came out in force to support our heroines, get to bottom of the virus origin and hopefully find a cure and get those pesky men globally back on their feet including Santa who obviously has werk to do. Will RuPaul and Trixie with a little help from the GI Janes be able to find a cure in time? Watch and find out.

Chapter nine is a mini set build (4 six foot tables) and then its on to a smaller COBRA set build for the final chapter Cobra Commander's bedroom plot resolution. Production remains on track for completion of principle photography in the next week. Then the time consuming job of editing and scoring the movie begins. This is definitely the biggest production ever undertaken and so far I am thrilled with the results. Lot's of shit will need to hit the cutting room floor (which won't be hard) as last year's action comic was just over an hour in length and the sequel is likely two hours long but sadly could be four hours with all of the story title cards. No sneak peeks from here on out, but I will add a few teaser frames.

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