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Chapter 9 Begins

I shot some final sequences for Chapter 8 and after reviewing the daily its time to strike the set and build and complete the final scene before editing begins. I still need to complete some backgrounds for Chapter 8. Waiting for Cobra Commander and Katya's heart shaped bed to arrive from Amazon for the unimaginably interesting Cobra Commander's bedroom scene resolution ( a baking pan, ha ha).

Our heroines have provided the GI Janes with an essential item to research a cure for the plague affecting Earth's men thanks to Cobra Commander's wedding gift to Katya intended to keep her all to himself by eliminating most men on Earth, excluding lady boys of course.. RuPaul and Katya encountered some interesting characters on their quest to save those pesky but essential dudes. RuPaul used the magical ho bag that Santa gave her in LA to shrink the vital item to cure the plague for easy transport to the GI Janes polar camp along with performing a few more tricks before they journey to Cobra island..

After the cure is generated by the Janes its time for the Janes, RuPaul and Trixie to confront COBRA Commander once and for all with the goal of freeing Katya and getting her back to werk.

The epilogue scene where life returns to normal in LA for Christmas is already complete so editing will begin on schedule next week. Sorry, no teaser shots to completely give away the farm at this point, but trust me when I say it was one of the most fun scenes I have ever shot perhaps second to RuPaul's Rainbow Castle. I only wished I had seen the Architectural Digest show before I started to turn up the fun based on RuPaul's real house for inspiration of the castle in The Charleses: A Royal Tale produced immediately after the first Snowbunnies movie: RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas: Oh and Katya Too!

An early December release of RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2: Oh and Trixie Too is on track.. Concept art for adults of an Ederhansel's World LLC action comic.

I have been thinking about adding a new title card at the beginning of video entitled, "Grooming Videos for Adults with Small Minds and a Little Holiday Magic for Everyone Else.." I think often these days about the post at the beginning of this blog about how far our people have come, but almost daily I realize how much farther we need to go to achieve equality in a world full of hate and violence. Let's all strive to achieve this goal by being authentically ourselves without fear.

Coming in 2024, The Good Doctor Gregory Clare: Let's Play, A Memoir. I am going to strive to complete the book before creating another action comic, but will share a brief story sample for the book.

When I was 10 I was moved to a grade ahead to Mr. Doney's class the six grade for reading class. He had some issue with me from the beginning and paralyzed me with fear nearly from the beginning of class because of the way my hair looked at the time. He would constantly berate me and eventually he decided to cut my hair in front of the entire class after constantly telling me to comb my hair which he did for me a week before in class, He seemed to have a compulsion for taking things to the next level in his lust for control. I was approached a sixth grade, a safety patrol for the Skywalk after this event to tell the principal, but for some reason I couldn't. I guess I felt like I was different and should feel shame for the way I looked and presented myself. Eventually I told my mother who was President of the PTA at the time and I never had another problem with Wendell Doney after she intervened in some way. She insisted though that I never tell my father about the situation. He was a barber and was a bit scrappy in his younger years and she feared that he would kill the man if he found out about the events I told her.

Just one vignette in a long story filled with dark and light, sorrow and joy that shapes all our lives in the human experience. Those who may be trying to dim my light are on notice that this genie is already out of the bottle and I hope the world enjoys my story as I emerge from my cocoon to live a life as an artist as an old man.

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