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Chapters 5-6 Complete

The editing is proceeding well as I reach the half-way point in the production. Today's editing will include the Liquor in the Front party followed by the UPA Initiation in which Katya earns her stripes from Mrs Claus. Yesterday I completed two chapters which is a rare event

So far the action comic is clocking in at 97 minutes for the first half and so about a quarter of the frames/title card balance is hitting the cutting floor for around 3 hours total length predicted for the 13 chapters of the story or an approximate mean chapter length of 14 minutes each.

1 Ribbon Cutting 12:52

2 YA Route 66 20:15

3 UNHhhhh Love Is In The Air 12:51

4 A Fairy Tale Wedding 23:07

5 The RuPaul Studio Experience 11:55

6 The Arrival 16:17

7 Liquor in the Front Party

8 The Initiation

9 Poker in the Rear Party

10 Meet the Snowbunnies

11 One Bad Egg

12 Cobra Commanders Bedroom

13 Holiday Epilogue

Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics, RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2: Oh and Trixie Too coming this December to the EderhanselsWorld channels on BitChute and Rumble.

As I begin outlining my memoir I have been thinking about my motivation for creating action comics from the GI Joe Project and perhaps the most influential source of inspiration was Bo Burnham's Inside which was to me really about facing oneself and honoring all of the emotions that emerge as we struggle to make sense of a world turned upside down while remembering to take time to laugh and honor your inner child in the process.

That little fucker in us all is always gasping for air but never forgets what its like to test the limits of the imagination. In my opinion all those little fuckers inside us should garner more of our attention and respect before its too late.

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