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Core Cast Villains and their Henchmen

Below are the primary villains that will support the story along with the henchmen who will get it on with The Batman and his round of Robins plus a few other main cast villain collaborators. Who are the secondary villains? Watch and find out.

You've got to be joking, you can bet on it. What is that spraying from Joker's tit? Either the circus is in town or its gay pride month in Got-Ham City.

Oh Pengy lay off the bow-tie pasta filling up your Collin...derrr! Is that an uninitiated undercover Gray son not wearing his bow=tie or has Kato done the dirty deed?

Mackie get this cat a comb, Where is Miss Shirley when you need her. she better be careful before that cat falls out of the bag like on that episode of UNHhhh! (non-villain Wayne Enterprises event and expect 3 others while she performs her doodies when Robben Hood). She went up the river because unfortunately the cops decided not to flush the toilet at the crime scene despite the fact that the smell was impeding their investigation.

Riddle me this, The more you look through me, the less you will see? He really appreciated when the Warden decided he could bunk with the Joker and together they hatched a plan.

Look who has been recruiting on campus again where even a dude with a paper bag over his face can get laid. But they are the ones who'll be eating Crow in the end. Fortunately for them he's got gas and Murphy's Law on his side.

Frozen in time just like his new love, Dr. Laura who has gone rogue. Its getting frigid up in here and who knew that icicles put a freeze on their passions? How will the best wife ever cope? I've heard a cock-tale might help do this trick.

Blow the hornet if you want to avoid his sting tonight...Oh Kato!

Gray Son My Dear Dick: A New Batman Adventure coming this spring from Ederhansel's World. Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics. Watch other action comics on the EderhanselsWorld channels on BitChute or Rumble.

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