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Dreaming Reality

I've been reflecting on my dreams as I think about my life experience and all its ups and downs balanced against what to do with the time I have left on this planet. I am planning to produce a memoir which will be co-written and produced as an art piece with dolls and what could be a massive book when I finish the current holiday RuPaul project.

A lifelong dream is to spend a year teaching graduate students about visual storytelling at Cranbrook Academy of Art as an Artist in Residence so I can explore this magnificent place one more time in my life and to also join the ranks of the Saarinens, Ray and Charles Eames, Daniel Libeskind, Florence Knoll, Jack Lenor Larsen, Donald Lipski, Duane Hanson, Tony Matelli, Niels Diffrient, Lorraine Wild, and Hani Rashid.

Perhaps I will achieve this vision in 2033, 50 years on, which if I recall correctly is the year that the time capsule which contains my archival process photographs for Gallifmaufry 1983 will be opened. They are probably a pile of goop at this point ha ha, but are nevertheless an interesting reflection on time marching on like our school song so clearly expresses and an insatiable urge to ground myself in that beautiful place one more time.

Whether you are a King or Queen or both in the same entity my friends always strive to Aim High while expressing yourself authentically!

Pursue your life like the work of art that you are and share your story by reaching for the heavens like Ascestes. You too may have an opportunity to visit your parent's comet like he did for at least a weekend unless they piss you off before Monday.

But back to reality here in the fake world I am focused on more mundane pursuits like waiting patiently on the slow boat from Singapore containing critical art supplies for the next RuPaul Action Comic, Oh and Trixie Too. .

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