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Earthward Ho

I have finished the principal photography for chapter one of the new RuPaul sci-fi movie. It is time to move to Earth and bring her human soul containers and intercession periods in "heaven" incarnation after incarnation to the present. She will meet a new Draco Queen but bitch ain't ready for how this star seed has grown and learned some skills in something they will never understand and always be jealous. Everybody say LOVE!

Here is the current image dump prior to editing.

Chapter 1 rough cut of an Ederhansel's World Action Comic. The Draco Reptilians encounter the Arcturians hundreds of thousands of years ago in a far away system they were searching for conquest. The Arcturians fired a weapon that rendered the hollowed out moon space station powerless. At the core of the moon the weapons systems were shielded and the Queen promptly returned fire with the planet killing weapon and the must have Arcturian shields were rendered useless. The Queen boarded her colonization yacht and paid the ruler of the Arcturians a visit. She captured him and sentenced him to eternity as a recast soul on the plantation of Earth. This is the story of the path of RuPaul's soul and when she again gets to face the reigning queen of the reptilian race and settle the score for her people.

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