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Grove 2023 Tests

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Below are some set tests for "The Help" sequence supporting the fantasy Grove encampment 2023 story.

I will be finishing editing for Chapter 1 of the new sci-fi film in the next few days and plan to begin production on the new Grove simultaneously.

A little free writing since I have started shooting the first scene. It was the week before the guests arrived and the support staff were learnin the rules. These faggots from San Francisco had stars in their eyes about a potential daddy as did others from points far and wide making up the staff. The point was that these polyamorous queens were going to make the most of some male on male time.

Their employers had provided the rag tag RV park apartments for them to live in, or they could deduct the rental fee for a trailer and bring their own tent. These types of dwellers should be avoided when there's too much moisture in the air.

The staff hang out a lot together, drink, play games, and have all sorts of fun. This is the story of how they support the club by giving they club, dig.

Now contrast with dolls added to the set.

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