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Holy Batcave

Updated: Jan 18

Continuing with the Batcave sequences this week before pivoting to the Joker's Lair. It has been so fun to revisit the Batman universe which I have long adored since my father gave me a quarter to buy Batman #223 DC Giant Comic from the newsstand near his barber shop in 1970 in the Lansing Mall in Lansing Michigan. Boy has a lot happened in Batman's world since then culminating in the delicious The Batman movie featuring Robert Pattinson. Riddle me this, what's is the Catwoman's favorite comic book? A clue can be found in the test shots of our great lady.

As I continue to share my process for how I develop action comics, I am including the second daily and production is only at the very beginning. At the end of doll sequences there are some video sequences that I am considering to support the story. Loving the new music and where it can fit the story. I will need to keep the chapters short if you utilize several of the video sequences due to the processing limitations with my current software but some are golden for supporting the story and establishing the scenes of the building interiors (sets).

Tons of work to do, and this action comic is just at the beginning, but I will share some nuggets here and there as the production continues. I am also working on my memoir which is bittersweet, but you can't have one without the other since life chooses us. I am hoping for a May 1 release of the Batman epic, but perhaps sooner depending on how the next few weeks go. Sadly the holidays are over but it was pure joy to reflect on everything Batman and some crossover characters that will enter the world to defeat a challenge extending for beyond Got Ham City, the shittiest place on Earth.

I also hopefully solved a problem today since I was not altogether happy with RuPaul's and Batman's love child that will later join the crew as a new Robin when she she returns from boarding school. She has already done had herses having to cope with the competing Round of Robins for some crime fighting action, but she will break'em in right in the end. Will she be a biological female or something else? Watch and find out.

Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics. Watch all the action comics on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute or Rumble.

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