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Holy Shitburgers Batman

Chapter one of 17ish currently planned chapters for the biggest action comic yet from Ederhansel's World is presented below as promised. The Robins' Nest: A Batman Universe Adventure.

Work is proceeding on chapter two. The story details the eternal battle between good and evil inherent in us all with a little comedy thrown in to break the tension. RuPaul makes her debut in chapter 2 stretching her acting chops as Selena Kyle who it seems has stolen Bruce Wayne's heart.

Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics. Watch other action comics on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute or Rumble.

Ederhansel's World is 75% packed up and is moving but don't despair RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians 2: Judgment Day will immediately go into production when I am settled in my new digs.

It's a busy and transformative time for Ederhansel's World so stay tuned for more fun. Own your inner child, nobody else can. Art for those who choose to consume it and everyone else can move along their own path.

Dr. Greg Clare, PhD, MBA, Director

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