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Principal Photography Complete

The photography process was completed on Sunday and editing of Robins Nest: A New Batman Adventure has started.

The chapter sequencing is complete and frame sequencing begins next before I start editing chapter one integrating title cards next week. The score planning is also complete. I am thrilled with the story and plan on holding off on releasing any development related videos until after the action comic is released.

I have begun the process of simultaneously packing up Ederhansel's World and my household with packing completed and consolidation of Ederhansel's World storage facility by summer. I am ahead of schedule on the current action comic, but may not release it on BitChute until after I complete the move.

The memoir writing is proceeding with the next chapter about my journey through various relationships is next up.

Stay tuned as more updates are added about the biggest action comic yet from Ederhansel's World.

I was reflecting this morning when I woke up about RuPaul. I have been a fan since the 90s and met her once at a book signing in San Diego at which an autographed Polaroid picture was taken with RuPaul and my partner at the time. Sadly, the picture came up missing at some point and I hope to replace it some day.

I remember catching her talk show occassionally, but was so excited when RuPaul's Drag Race started, but it was never available for viewing where I lived during the first several seasons. I purchased every season on DVD up through season eight and watched them several times.

The show doesn't hold the same allure as it used to but I will always be a devoted fan of RuPaul who took the GI Joe Project into the realm of storytelling since 2020 when the journey began and culminating in Ederhansel's World Action Comics.

For me the music and storytelling ground my fascination with RuPaul along with her potential as an actor with great range from comedy to tragedy and I will be delivering a bit of both in this new Batman comic.

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