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Its Getting Catty Up in Here

The Robins Nest: A New Batman Adventure

Featuring RuPaul and Robert Pattinson as Catwoman and Batman.

Finished AL's Playhouse scene featuring Bruce Wayne and the Joker. and in the mood to do some free writing. Street scenes are next and that should go pretty quickly with a limited set. I am so happy that principal photography will be done soon. This one has allowed me to be that little boy playing with his GI Joes constantly berated by his 10 year older brother for playing with dolls and giving me footballs and basketballs on my birthday that ended up in the pool that gave the best blowjobs in so many ways. Ederhansel's World is a place where you can be the creator. .

Do you remember telling stories with your dolls based on what you had and within the limits of your imagination by combining the parts to create a new reality in your own Ederhansel's World. What stories would you tell if you allow yourself to relive that boundless creativity when we wanted to have an adventure in the world but were not quite ready yet.

Ederhansel's World supports the poorly performing toy industry that has not adequately captured the adult market for toys despite growing interest worldwide. Hasbro and Mattel, DC and Marvel and so many others please start working together to grow the economy through new types of visual storytelling that can free people of all ages to tell stories through the art of imagination through social media..

Back to the story.

The acronym for AL's Playhouse stands for Anne Coulter and Dr.. Laura Schlesinger who invite guests to perform a puppet show for Got Ham City about current events. Joker is marketing the shitburger industry and the hosts feel uncomfortable with the name. So their puppet show tells the story of how the food they are increasingly eating in tough financial times is made and why it is so addictive and they can never seem to get enough. They also explain that shit is no longer a bad word but is making the economy boom in Got Ham city.

Batman shows video from The Hero's Ball and shares with the citizens of Got Ham how he plans to use the money for building critical infrastructure in the city. The shitburger industry was growing fast and Wayne Enterprises planned to profit greatly through numerous subsidiaries and was no stranger to opportunity..

Dolly, Leonardo, and Laverne are also on hand to join in the show. Anne and Joker are a match made in heaven and Dr. Laura feels like getting closer to Bruce. We hope Selena isn't watching or its sure to be another big fight after the incident at Penguin's Rookery between her man and Batwoman played by Barbara Gordon.

Biill felt like he was falling in love for the first time again when he saw Barbara at Penguin's Rookery. He didn't care if she was in costume or wearing an elegant gown like Hillary as he dropped 100 MG of Cialis Super Active guzzled down with a drink after eating a shitburger and fries. Barbara's tits were bigger than Hillary's and he was eager to sink his teeth into them and fuck her with a cigar drooling to smoke it when it was wet enough.

Catwoman healed from her fight with Batman by robbing the Wayne Foundation vault which was full of investments from the proceeds of guest donations at the biggest Wayne Foundation event ever, The Hero's Ball. She used Wayne tech to penetrate the bank like she owned it bitch. Batman was tired of Selena's bullshit and he wasn't feeling like love is blind like a godammn bat. He wasn't loving servicing that dick like he used to and getting fucked with dildos. Selena wasn't eating his ass like she used after she was done fucking him.

Catwoman saved Batwoman and Batman from Bane and Scarecrow Pharmaceuiticals using her new hoverbike and crew.

Later Catwoman during a heist would outfit the same crew with neck bombs which she told them was a dampening field for electronic security systems from Wayne Enterprises. Catwoman planned on keeping all the proceeds to herself and would gather up all their heads in a bag as she removed them all at the same time with a push of a button.. She paid for this little retreat with the proceeds of her healing from relationship troubles with the Foundation's investments stolen for Wayne Foundation Bank garnered from the Heroes Ball.

Scarecrow is one bad mother fucker and he permanently infected the batty compatriots with autonomous nano-technology swarms (ANTS) delivered in substantially higher doses than those delivered to the general public through direct delivery to  the lungs through ANTS gas. Bane was also on hand to support the production of neutraceuticals central to fueling the shitburger industry while Batwoman and then Batman receive a complete ANTS colony designed to create super soldiers at the whims of the Syndicate.

Batman and Batwoman are grateful and obviously Catwoman still cared enough to save them both after her jealousy over their little dance number at Penguin's Rookery. Things just weren't going right for the new couple because Catwoman was looking for a catfight and found herself hissing lately at the smallest things. That was until the drawer was opened where Batwoman was being stored and recreated from the ANTS. The woman was just not human anymore and Catwoman instinctively knew that she should avoid engaging with her. Batman was weakened somehow from his ANTS and this bitch Selena knew she needed a cure for ANTS before a new type of livestock took over the planet and became the bread basket of the universe as the technology spread from planet to planet. supporting a population explosion of novel soul containers and interplanetary lifetime placements.

I guess its a good thing that Donald and Ant Man are getting so close since it looks like he will be in the White House again.and could use a few more friends in his life. He was still donating to Wayne Enterprises Foundation (WEF) before the fire sale and he loved the Wayne parties bigly. Tonight he was in the mood for a super hero to which he would apply his affections. The twinkle just wasn't in Barack's eye for him anymore and Donald started keeping his distance. Barack was hanging out more with Bill and Uncle Joe who loved the ice cream at the Rookery and who were seated by the stage in Penguin's club. In stepped Ant Man who was the talk of the town these days based on his ability to destroy ANTS colonies completely in one human at a time, but an army of Ant Men were on the rise to fight ANTS while trying to fdownsize the shitburger industry into specific geographic locations before the population exploded and genetoformed the planet with a new incremental innovation soul container with a longer lifespan and performance characteristics supporting population increase and food production.

Avoiding getting infected with ANTS required greater isolation from other people and the beginning of breakoff communities which required rigorous testing prior to admission and prompt return to the infected cities where every citizen was under the influence of ANTS if any were found in the prospective resident. .

BS Pharmaceuticals through paper products like swabs,and paper towels was slowly building a ANTS system for humans and other animals to produce maximum food production smf which would later be shipped off world for substantial profits. Word is that in the Empire the Draco Reptilians are completely addicted to shitburgers.

So much so that the Queen has decided it is time to pay RuPaul a visit again as the only person in the Syndicate that she had ever interacted with directly. She has reviewed this new RuPaul film in which that bitch is playing with and falling for one of her favorite characters Batman. The Queen is thristing for just a sip of RuPaul or so RuPaul hopes as her fangs go so deep on their renunion and she can feel them throbbing like her love. The perfect couple of Queens both skilled in shaking their money makers enter a new type of marriage but this time the Queen is the Cat and RuPaul must summon her Bat.

The Queen decided to place RuPaul clones throughout the Empire territories supporting human life to create a new dimensional trend to get rid of gender. Be who you want to be and make no apologies to another entity will be the new rule of law. That is as long as subjects of the Empire produce expected value for the Queen. The Queen planned to keep RuPaul close as a most prized genetic sample within her household. Again RuPaul will teach her a few lessons along the way. in her Aeonic Wisdom and the need to Mother This Bitch!.

RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians 2: Judgement Day in development by Ederhansel's World. Watch all the Ederhansel's World Action Comics on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute and Rumble.

The working title is as old as the Batcave set so here is real title of the upcoming action comic: The Robins Nest: A New Batman Adventure coming soon from Ederhansel's World. Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics.

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