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More Recent Lives in the current Draco Project

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

RuPaul is a slave and incarnated as a woman in her Draco Reptilian captivity on the planet Earth. She is the leader of the community and oh girl she is black and beautiful. She ain't no house slave NO! she is in charge of the field crews. She has seen families grow and has learned to maximize their productivity with care while simultaneously nurturing a sense of community.

One day at her Master's mandatory church service for assimilation purposes when the white clergyman was denigrating her family that produced so much wealth for her master by suggesting that slavery is good for everyone involved like Pharoah might she had a flashback of her Arcturian soul memory and she stood up and said, "You dominate us but you don't even begin to understand that Satan is the master of us all and he is indeed a creation of God from another planet that rules this planet. They have ruled us all for a long time, live underground and if we are ever to be free we must unite and magnify the power of love against them.

If we can learn to stand together as one as the human species they will send a Queen in her moon spaceship to again decimate this planet and return us to slavery. Our love can literally transport us to a dimension where when she shows up there will be nobody remaining and again she will have to engineer the entire planet because without slaves it won't produce shit. Herstory, Draco Reptilians are of a lower vibration and cannot live in a dimension encompassing pure love. They do everything in their power to divide humans and destroy love between any persons consenting to any kind of love that vibrates with the intention of love. They feed off of hatred, greed, power and control.

I am grateful for our Master because he treats us with kindness but when he don't I feel deep sorrow because I see their influence working through them.

Watch yourself girl, and the things that you say said the clergyman.

In fact, that moon you see at night is their derelict station and those mother fuckers are living under the ground on Earth as they have for millennia. They are not from here, they are not this planet's creation, but they own this mother fucking planet and always will. The ones you've got to be scared of are not the scientists, administrators, engineers and small company of soldiers stationed here but those closer to the home planet and the colonizers who work to expand their reach in the Universe. They only intervene when there is the remote possibility that they might lose control of their economy including research conducted in the novel Earth evolutionary stream which produces valuable innovations in arts, music, media, genetic engineering, and adaptive capabilities.

Just pray that their Queen with her eye ship doesn't look upon us or we are in trouble. Because after they have rendered any enemy on the planet that opposes them they will send down that Queen who likes to shop the entire planet. Girrl, she likes to collect a special something from all of her conquests and keeps it close like any common serial killer. She makes Noah look like a bargain shopper as she feeds her planetary stores and trades in the conquests with the entire Reptilian race. Any after living for several centuries she has developed a shopping list of her preferences for souvenirs when traveling.

The clergyman laughed and said Sainy you are one misguided nigger. You stay after the service and we will pray together.

Capture and stargate of Arcturian Leader's superior race AI consciousness to Earth slave colony from Draco Queen's moon space station hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Production progressing. Dracos discover Arcturis being shot hopefully this weekend.

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