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Movie Night?

A great movie that I have seen probably hundreds of times since the 1980s is Boys in the Band. The stage productions that I have seen haven't struck the cords that this movie did in my youth. I remember renting and watching the video in 1980 after my interest was piqued on an episode of the Bob Newhart show that aired in 1974 when Mr. Carlin was trying to decide whether he wanted to see the movie. At 9 years of age I certainly longed to see the movie after learning about the subject matter.

I was totally floored when Netflix produced the remake in 2020 which I watched three times in one weekend. The sexy Zachary Quinto of American Horror Story and Star Trek Spock fame was just a bit too sexy in my mind to play the character of Harold, but who cares the remake is great...great...great. Quinto as a former figure skater I can definitely buy into.

The discrimination and harassment was horrendous at the time Friedkin directed the movie but the tight knit house parties popular at the time provided some refuge for diverse personalities that would be less likely to interact in today's classist and ageist clone fantasy world. At least dramedy hasn't changed much in all these years and probably never will.

The irreal Ederhansel's World is not afraid to blend multiple "types" and ages of gay males joining together to celebrate our brief life journey. Celebrate being whatever your soul demands of your self expression.

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