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Land of the Snow Bunnies test. Half scale Santa's Village and orgy scene, Trixie Mattel's debut. Brian is sitting in Santa's Magical Sleigh loading facility waiting impatiently for Santa's return for this unused on screen shot. He is cold.

I thought that it was funny that this test shot from RuPaul Works the Land of Oz which helped me to pick the sling attendant at Professor's Marvel's Club was before the current orgy scene test shots when RuPaul and Katya finally reach Trixie.

Primary cast only so obviously a two table setup will be necessary for the orgy scene which leads to Santa's inner sanctum another two table setup for the reunion of RuPaul and Katya with Trixie.

It was so nice to see that Death brought Dumbledore to the party giving him a night out on the town because a perfect interdimensional life can get boring and who doesn't want to be trapped in a skin suit for some period of years. I suspect by the end of the night he will be dumped into some baby somewhere and still possessing all of his mystical powers.

And what did Trixie do to piss Cobra off? It's simply financial. Cobra is the main silent partner financier of everything connected to RuPaul Charles I and her rise to power as an immortal clone and RULER OF THE WORLD!!! Trixie can't put personal interest above Cobra's needs to RULE THE WORLD.

Just look where these humble beginnings and great humanitarian acts took RuPaul by 2249 when there was trouble at her low-orbit fudge factory.

RuPaul knows how to hold her own with Cobra Commander and she also fucks him until he has a hissy fit, which his eminence's orgasm.

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