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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I am so excited to have finally found a suitable Michelle Visage doll who is rocking the premature gray streak. It will be fun to find her a suitable outfit to dress her in for upcoming productions. Something slutty to show off this doll's great hippy curves and tits but of course her outfit must serve Mama Ru's at all times. RuPaul reunited with her bestie finally and the potential for new story arcs--awesome.

I may ditch the current royals production until more suitable set pieces can be found to populate the royal palace central to the early scenes before the BBC sets. I am considering a production of another recent idea.

I have been thinking about the George Romero properties and particularly the Dawn of the Dead sequel. I love the humorous elements and the old school special effects perhaps casting a group of drag queens holing up in the mall and combating the Zombies and eventually a heterosexual motorcycle gang who they end up serving up their special gifts.

RuPaul will be there as will the new Michelle character and of course Trixie and the standard drag queen dolls among others comprising the survival group. What would these heroes do in repurposing a mall's contents? I love the idea that they are just regular characters until they can access the mall's contents and that is when the serious drag starts. I definitely have all the set pieces to support that story including the basic storyline of getting to the mall location.

I definitely need a demon baby born of a transgender male who will be loved by its new found created family no matter what unfortunate behaviors are exhibited. This baby will be the brains behind beating the zombies once and for all and helping preserve the queens, well at least the important ones who don't end up as zombies. I am leaning in this direction because I am not quite ready to begin production on the Charleses.

I am absolutely adoring listening to Prince Harold Windsor tell his poignant story in Spare and realize that I must make several changes to the script. The Herstory component about granny is particularly important and as of yet unwritten. It is so refreshing to hear about a grandson who genuinely loves the Queen from the perspective of family and a sort of time locked childlike innocence. I also like the underlying blood thirsty nature of the spare boy processing the world with obvious intelligence although lacking book smarts and perhaps at times some filters that I am surprised weren't introduced to curb an imaginative reader by the ghost writer. Other than Harvey Fierstein's book which comes in second in recent autobiographies Harold has me hooked.

Willie is easy to cast from stock dolls, but the challenge of darling boy Harry requires a special doll solution. I will never forget the best birthday present of all time from that weekend of August 19th minus the bitch pictured of course.

Star light star bright, open up your hole tonight. Meaghan and Kate with strap-ons for the final competition for King, why not.

The "ultimate blooding" from the stag in Spare also has so much potential to influence the events of the Charleses Reality show. I've got the stag, I just need to find a proper darling Harold.

I think that the great reveal will be the hidden woman in the tabloid pictures will be Michelle Visage.

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