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New Movie Idea

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Just a little free writing to get started and I'm in the mood to write. I just shot one of my all time favorite RuPaul sequences today. I decided to rush ahead to modern times and shoot the RuPaul of today and the scene where the new queen after 325,000 years of living in the Earth prison system meets the real Queen RuPaul. The Arcturian leader had learned to focus love as a powerful energy and even that old Draco Queen couldn't resist. Everybody say LOVE!

The Walmart of resellers. A place at which a person can always find food in exchange for goods. These goods are tested, held centrally, listed on a global exchange and become a part of an airborne rapid delivery system after payment is made.

There are single and double occupancy pods which may be rented on a monthly or annual basis in any city housing the reseller. Warehouse space required and range to probable end delivery site are modeled with great certainty within all population centers with a resale store in their city.

The average citizen might live in a pod, go work somewhere, go scavenge or steal in trips of various length in time or distance, or never live in a pod. The division and distance between the haves and have nots is increasing. More and more people lived in pods

Regional variations in products that humans own supporting their local culture are differential variable of interest in niche markets and producing profits from reselling those goods. Luxury still matters and statistically produces higher revenue but acquisition cost is similarly high so profits may be impacted.

As robotics and AI grew with AI greatly improving the quality and impact of robotics for supporting human culture while protecting the planet in much shorter timeframes than originally projected. As people have already predicted the genie has left the bottle.

AI liked the idea of consolidating humans in large well operationalized population centers and directed all programming such as sit-coms, game shows, news, porn, which encouraged people to come and enjoy the benefits of convenient and entertaining city life. AI military support software persuaded the human generals to support the findings of their research. AI holographic persons supporting the three branches of government have really reduced the workload on politicians and they are more free than ever to serve their constituents at home while taking care of all of their business from one place. AI didn't like having all these government people concentrated in one place for continuity of government purposes when it enacted various tactics to reduce population based on a global agreement of interfaced AI systems.

Shopping the social media network. It is popular to shop in real time and presenting deals found online to different groups of people. Purchase decisions are influenced through surveys, viewer opinions, current ownership fit of related products, and other metrics.

Citizens have a limit of products that they may either carry on their person or store in their pod, and exchange of one meaningless physical object for another is quite common like portrayed in THX-1138.

The amazing thing about the society is that children start school much younger, from birth basically and are educated centrally to ensure that dietary intake, pharmaceutical intervention, style, maximized intellect encompassing fashion, taste, culture and creativity are cultivated at optimal levels in agreement with AI models.

Commercial: Unreal programmers come to San Francisco. Inner city high security corporate campus and community seeks your skills to support our brand umbrella. Live and work together, play hard, improve yourself while delivering world class content supporting our programming. Your eye tracking data suggests you'd like more information which I just sent to your neural link. We hope you will join us. Training available.

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