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On to London

Chapter one final werking edit is compiling over the next eight hours and hopefully without any pesky errors! I am heartened by the new approach to separating story chapters for each compile of the edits which so far haven't crashed the software like when I try to compile the entire file as a single movie especially in 4K.

Serialization makes so much sense to me because it increases the amount of content produced and reduces the time for deliverables as a movie is in progress. It isn't rocket science that breaking huge undertakings into smaller parts helps the work flow more manageable. This will be great for the new sci-fi Draco story in pre-production which is well served by individual chapters in the story arc.

The Draco drones have arrived but I still haven't settled on my Queen that will later be transferred to the soul prison on present day Earth which we know as RuPaul in her current incarnation, At the end of the day RuPaul's soul is ancient, powerful and nobody to mess with. I am really enjoying the further development of specific queens along the Draco Queen's to RuPaul's current soul incarnation that have contributed to her majesty's imperial aspirations along the way be they men women and anything in between. That Draco Queen gonna make it werk, despite her millennia long journey to get where she is as her story unfolds today .

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