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One Chapter Remains

Moving on to the final title cards for Chapter 12 Cobra Commander's Bedroom in which RuPaul and the GI Janes in disguise attempt to liberate Katya after finding a cure to the one bad egg virus. Will Katya return to her life werking with Trixie or remain in the clutches of Cobra Commander? Watch and find out.

The total length of the series will be approximately 3 hours based on the final version of Chapter 12. Enjoy the most far reaching Ederhansel's World Action Comic yet. Look for Grayson My Dear Dick: A new Batman adventure coming in 2024 from Ederhansel's World and look for The Good Doctor Gregory Clare, Let's Play A Memoir where books are sold.


1 Ribbon Cutting 12:52

2 YA Route 66 20:15

3 UNHhhhh Love Is In The Air 12:51

4 A Fairy Tale Wedding 23:07

5 The RuPaul Studio Experience 11:55

6 The Arrival 16:17

7 Liquor in the Front Party 14:28

8 The Initiation 7:03

9 Poker in the Rear Party 13:47

10 Meet the Snowbunnies 17:05

11 One Bad Egg 13:05

12 Cobra Commander's Bedroom ???

13 Epilogue 3:40

Total Length 166 minutes so far

Here is a sneak peak at Chapter 1 as the remaining chapters are added to BitChute soon. It appears that my channel on Rumble is shadow banned so I may end up posting this and all other action comics and videos supporting the GI Joe Project (33 in total) on a dedicated on demand platform this year and I will not be posting on Rumble going forward.

Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics: RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2, Oh and Trixie Too coming soon to the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute.

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