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Park Daily One Completed

Should wrap up the amusement park scene this week. All the background characters are shot and RuPaul werking. Still need to shoot the Trixie and Katya sequences where Katya and Cobra Commander hook up due their similar passions. Major reset next for the ribbon cutting scene in the park. Striking the amusement park set this weekend and beginning setup of Cobra Commander's Bio Weapons lab is next. I plan to build a green screen enclosure in which even lighting will be important and shoot a 180 degree VR scene which will be released separately from the conventional action comic as a first test of the storytelling potential in the Ederhansel's World style of spatial computing.

Trixie and Katya both got an upgrade and are looking fine!

Crane Jib for ribbon cutting scene and other park shots.

Grand Opening of RuPaul's Ya Rte 66 Amusement Park Costumes.

Trixie and Katya are feuding and Santa's at the root of it.

Then Cobra Commander made Katya an offer she couldn't resist.

And she was happy that her mouth wouldn't be so sore from eating Santa's ass all the time, but on the plus side her jaw was quite taut from keeping Santa ready to serve up his presents with a twinkle in his brown eye. For a women over forty she was looking fierce and god only knew what she would find when she pulled down Cobra Commander's pants and first fixed her eyes on the ass that this time she was looking forward to Commandeer. with her Cobra.

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