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Pre-Production Continues

Having fun performing research and set design for the new Batman movie. I am determined to build an enclosure for the bat cave for what will be an important set for the story. If successful this set will mirror the design of the NCC 1701 Enterprise bridge set in the original series so that I can remove chroma-key panels and shoot the scene in 180 degree VR video and still frames to support the story. I may have found a suitable lighting solution for the overhead lights for the 84 inch diameter 41 inch high space and may start set building before the end of December. To accomplish these goals I am using a small jungle gym as the frame for the enclosure with removeable green screen panels.

I really love the scene in the 1966 Batman movie where Batman is trying to dispose of a bomb and is concerned about not harming any civilians which seem omnipresent throughout the absurd scene. I also love the first season Penguin episode when the actors are running on the backlot and every turn leads to more trouble. To me these scenes are laugh out loud funny and particularly suited to the capabilities of Ederhansel's World. I want to move away from darkness of the more recent films though preserving their look and gothic noir feeling while amping up the physical comedy and humorous dialogue in a marriage of the ambiguously gay duo and Ederhansel's World without violence and hate., but firmly rooted in LGBTQIA+2S super hero reality. The RuPaul arc will remain a surprise, but ponder RuPaul's casting potential as a villain or hero in alignment with her prior films? Maybe a bit of both?

To satisfy this goal the Pattison Batman will play the central role supported by Red Hood, Nightwing, and some new Robins. Yes, the nest will be full as Batman struggles to manage his ever growing harem of young faggots attracted to everything that a billionaire can offer to edumicate and improve their lives.

I similarly find the lunch date between Superman and Batman in Death in the Family animated story quite amusing and may revisit the circle werk scene from the GI Joe Project pre= Wiz Show segment which similarly offers some interesting potential for self-reflection of the trials and tribulations of fighting crime in a vocationally supportive way with a plethora of superheroes to support the group therapy in a gay way.

Building a retro Joker set has been on my mind for some time and the same set for the bat cave will be transformed for his lair. although a new hair color will be required if I use the existing Joker doll which is problematic for chroma key conversion.

Stay tuned for more updates as the biggest production yet for Ederhansel's World continues to develop with a spring 2024 release. That is saying a lot after Snowbunnies 2, but trust me it will be epic!


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