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Production Beginning Soon

Batcave set variant building continues and all related sequences will begin shooting this weekend hopefully. I am anxious to try out the 3D camera still/video sequences and have addressed some issues with the initial lighting which was a concern for reducing any hot spots for chroma key conversion. The first and second set variants demonstrated a big improvement in reducing conversion artifacts and hopefully this trend will continue to allow some video integrations to the action comic. I will not likely shoot the whole action comic within the enclosure but hope to use it as much as possible before transitioning to conventional green screen sets for certain elements of the story like city streets.

The story continues to develop after reviewing a great deal of the Batman story telling legacy with the goal of exploiting the comedic elements as much as possible across the substantial content since 1939 which has exploited LGBTQ under and overtones. Obviously Batman 66 which had a major influence on me as a child and is rife with funny content and will always remain near and dear to my heart supporting the action comic narrative. The more recent dark tone of Batman content will be integrated with the more fun light and campy potential as a nod to the character themes rather than their specific behaviors particularly in the films by exploring the lighter attributes of abnormal psychology. And of course the lines between DC and Marvel will be blurred substantially for equity and inclusion purposes with appearances by several of the related hot characters.

A round of anti-social Robins competing for the attention of the consummate good samaritan Bruce. Will Batman live up to the parable of the Good Samaritan? Watch and find out. A new action comic that will hopefully clock in at two hours unlike Snowbunnies 2 which was a labor of love, but no promises as the story continues to develop for the biggest production yet from Ederhansel's World.

The Catwoman's black costume arrived today from Japan, but I think I will hold off from sharing any teasers of this RuPaul look until the action comic releases. RuPaul will turn heads when acting as a modern day Robben Hood exploiting every last inch of her nine lives while she breaks and breaks in more than a few superheroes hearts. She will inevitably inspire the citizens of Got-ham to appreciate her gams while she is werking the mean streets.

Concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics coming this spring. Watch other action comics on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute or Rumble.

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