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Production Begins

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Rupaul's Rainbow House is the first setup and will follow the script of the Charleses with additional images shot of her home when it is lively and full of dolls versus normal times when she is just around a small group or alone which is basically the script with RuPaul alone during the communications from the king. Some fun assistants will be good and the best of the best Michelle Visage joins the cast in her first Ederhansel's World production. She is wearing a butterfly dress but not her butterfly shoes yet.

Green screens, lighting and dolls to follow.

Hello gorgeous!

RuPaul's WERK room.

Eww scary and with Disneyland just up yonder.

I am going to do a reset prior to striking of Prince Harry's Vegas trip.

RuPaul's pants were so dirty they were standing up on their own in the laundry room and contemplating diving into the washer or fireplace.

The B area, the only acceptable place to Bitch.

You better WERK. And yes I am putting that Bitch on this horse as soon as she gets here from West Hollywood.

The party before the show begins. RuPaul is living the high life and enjoying all the friends she has made along the way. Poor poor Queen RuPaul was still feeling a little down as she basks in the high life. RuPaul wants a new challenge instead of being known as only the Queentessential Judge Judy. She wanted to kill some bitches after so many years of healthy aging putting up with their shit while remaining fierce.

Word is, the King's Butler has setup a call with RuPaul's agent. His Royal Majesty King Charles III wishes to consult directly with RuPaul about a new form of chivalry portrayed in sort of a modern joust to the end focused on sustainability. The most important sustainability of all; maintaining power for my family and our bloodline as Gods on Earth. The winners will remain in our grace and the losers will get a one way plane ticket to our newly remodeled penal colony Australia. She will help us to keep the monarchy relevant by reinventing the staged filming of what we want them to think our public life is really about, you know the gag that mummy started. I must be modern and create a legacy in the inevitable short timeframe of my reign. The kind of stuff our Empire was built on my dear as he flashed a smile to Camilla who still blushed a bit even after all these years.

RuPaul is the modern day Nostradamus, Gandhi, Shiva, Venus on the half shell serving it all up and doing whatever it takes to generate high viewership. It was just like the old days turning tricks and hoping for regulars.

Here's a little something for my biggest fan of all history. The first daily preview of raw images for RuPaul's Rainbow House Party scene as I attempt to finish the U.S. scenes this weekend. Of course its hard to do that if I am doing this so what's the rush?

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