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Production Continues

Production and story development continues on the new Batman movie which is currently planned at 20 sets including ten primary heroes and a wholly new force for good including some gay heroes that help Batman and his Robins out of some sticky situations as masters of cleaning up trouble with style.

10 villains and cameos of 20 other heroes and villains will support both cliff and delectable low hangers threatening Batman and his round of Robins. Catwoman and Batman's love child will make a debut and I just finished painting this new Robin today, but sorry no peeks. I will say that they are a chip off the old cocks and let's face it Bruce Wayne has the money to adopt an army of hate crime fighters.

There will be the usual and some new celebrities and a host of extras supporting the story. The upcoming action comic is a biggin but is a joy to make and will perhaps take a bit longer to produce than prior action comics.

Ironically RuPaul's Essential Volume 3 just hit the streets of Got-Ham City and that shit is burning up the airwaves of WGCR and both thugs and good guys are Hustling to That Cat's meow.

Similar to Batman I have long wanted to do a time travel action comic in the Star Trek universe blending both the original and Next Generation crews in a perilous adventure. The original concept video from August 2021 is presented below and is pre-action comics, but features the original RuPaul who will inevitably like werking with both crews since I feel like the time for her to once again take on the Draco Reptilians is approaching.

However, the memoir calls and that production is firmly scheduled as a future endeavor.

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