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Progress E-Dah-Hansel

Here's some title card story preview as the scenes come together and interrelate. Current runtime is just over an hour so probably about two hours of raw frames before title cards. I am saving short scenes until the end because they move very quickly.

Completed Catwoman's apartment which to me is the funniest scene I have ever shot. It involves the Catwoman/Selena/Bruce/Batman first date during which a few minutes in she slips Bruce a mickey of some sort that helps loosen the bat and by the end of the night they fall in love and Selena shortly thereafter moves in with Bruce at Wayne Manor.. They both connected in a way that was somehow spirtual in their shadows' love with a good helping of karma mixed in.

Another completed scene is King Shark's Construction where he and Steppenwolf spreading the Wolf's Apokolips is one of those strange kinds of love that sometimes happen between different species.. The star crossed lovers savor their tastes while fulfilling their obligations to the Syndicate for building kitchen toilet factories and retrofitting commercial buildings removing regular toilets and installing kitchen and shower/bath toilets..

This scene also introduces a band of mild Mary construction workers by day and by night they transform into Faggot Force and girl they're still Mary. The Batman and round of Robins strike up a new alliance with FF before the cliffhanger ends.

Thank God because the entire Wayne family was taken hostage by the Riddler and for some reason Batman and the Robins are nowhere in sight. When the Robin's song goes out its available Robins and Faggot Force to the rescue.

They will all be looking for a night on the town before this adventure ends at Penguin's Rookery.. A fun scene to shoot integrating a runway dinner theater, and disco which is a couple of scenes away for shooting..

And in addition to those scenes I shot Mr. Freeze Kitchen Toilets dealership today.. His wife decorates a corner of the shop in her suspended animation chamber. All of Got Ham is clamoring for a kitchen toilet so they can make money selling their shit or using it to supplement their food pantry with that darn food inflation everyone is experiencing. The shit is transformed chemically to shit burgers a high protein treat produced through the support of Joker Neutraceuticals food additives manufactured by Bane and Scarecrow B/S Pharmaceuiticals all supporting the Syndicate.. B/S Pharmaceuticals is one of the later scenes that will be shot.

Back at Mr Freeze Kitchen Toilets Bruce reinforces to Selena and the Robins that they are not the type of people to eat shit. He refuses to purchase a kitchen toilet despite using one after having sex in Catwoman's Apartment and Selena becomes offended because he wasn;t so uppity about it then when she was so excited to show it to him. She even served him some shitburger pate processed from his bowel movement after sex created from eating Neutriceutical treats the night before when they got to know one another better, She did notice that morning that Bruce was eager to return to Wayne Manor and that Cat likes to cuddle and maybe fuck again fueling a future cat fight.

So another fight broke out between the limerance phase couple tearing at their passions with their claws until the other submits. Bruce and Selena finally started feeling more like fucking than fighting with each other and their kin so Bruce allowed Damian to enter a contest in the store to win a kitchen toilet and what was the chance they would ever win?

The Wayne family were enjoying a night of intelligent conversation at Wayne Manor and were suprised when a box housing a kitchen toilet arrived at the door. LIttle did they know that the Riddler was up for some questionable acts and needed resources to grow his empire by stowing away in the box.. He decided to steal the proceeds of the Wayne Foundation Fundraiser which was the largest grossing benefit ever held. He would demand the ransom of the benefit funds raised and was no idiot knowing this growing crew were Batty and sons. No our heroes weren't smelling a used kitchen toilet that hadn't been cleaned, the Riddler rendered them inconcious with gas after letting them know who defeated them.

All the who's who were in attendance at the Wayne Foundation 1st Annual Heroes Ball including heroes galore with some lip smacking celebrities to turn up the action is also in the can.. Uncle Joe, Bill, Donald, and W all make an appearance to support Bruce's charity and have a good time in the process. The fun really heats up when Selena DJs the dance party at the event.

Quinn's Petting Zoo and Deadshot's Safari scenes up next. Margot Robbie and Will Smith members of the Joker's Syndicate in their best roles yet serving it round? Watch and find out.

I'll be me and you be you. The Catwoman speaks as a member of the Syndicate with no intention of giving up her day job and The Batman will just have to get used to if he still wants that dick which he craves from the tips of his fangs. A truly modern love story.

Graysons My Dear Dicks: A New Batman Adventure coming soon from Ederhansel's World. Adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics. Art for consumption of those who want it and fuck everyone else.

RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians 2: Judgement Day now in development from Ederhansel's World LLC.

. . .

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