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All movie props and dolls accounted for and ready to start filming. Trying to decide if Santa's Workshop should be a four table set as I normally do for Christmas movies. It really would be a timesaver if the herstory montage were integrated into that set and Santa and Mrs. Claus bedroom. Then I can pivot back to two table setups for Snowbunnies Land and the UPA meeting and the women's pussy power convention with Mrs. Claus.

First simple set built to get me started this week. RuPaul and Katya fly to Vancouver and then takeoff and touchdown in Anchorage where they buy the Elon Muskie sleigh and magic carpet from the dealership. The dealership could be done with one table and some arctic tundra shots supporting some of the canned arctic video also one or two tables. The land of the Snow Bunnies is going to be better I suspect than Munchkinland in the Wiz sequel. It will truly be magical in the spirit of the holidays.

Also, got all and I mean the entire cast dressed with a whole lot of costume changes after the fudge factory movie.

Brian's Santa's workshop outfit when Katya and RuPaul arrive and interrupt the orgy. When Trixie Met Santa.

The totum dolls will be rocking the orgy in force in their new briefs.

I accidentally broke Tom Cruises head off and thought perhaps he is a bit overused in my movies. I hope I can repair him, but guess there are enough dolls to set the scene. See if you can find Tom Cruise's head in the bottom picture. Oh well, at least the Pope and some former Presidents will also have fun at the orgy and they haven't been used since the last Grove movie.

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