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Chapter 1 rough cut of the grand opening of RuPaul's Ya Route 66 amusement parking and when Cobra Commander met Katya plus a very special edition of UNHhhh is finished and awaits title cards and final editing.

Two new sets built for Chapter 2 including RuPaul's studio offices and Cobra Commander's Bio-Weapons laboratory are nearly set dressed. I was able to construct a makeshift enclosure which only confirms my fears for the need of high levels of light to support 180 degree VR shooting for both frames and video.

I suspect that I will need to have something fabricated with A.) translucent white walls for backlighting or ideally B.) incorporated OLED panels to provide even quality light. I need to research translucent green screens to see what products might already exist supporting A/R experiences that could be retrofitted to the OLED panels. OLED's spectral profile would be so beautiful at scale and in my opinion on par with staring at a Rothko painting and losing time after compositing.

Of course any fabricated set will require a studio, permanent installation and presumably some major cash, but keep dreaming dreamer.

Remember me from Trouble at RuPaul's Low Orbit Fudge Factory?

Remember Me from RuPaul Werks the Land of Oz

A New Character Who Has Been in the News Lately, and no worries all Cobra's buildings are painted blue.

It looks like Cobra Commander is packing some goods that he plans to ship prior to the holiday season, oh and close that wall gap son.

I've heard of blue balls but this is ridiculous.

I guess it will be another suitcase in another hall, another picture off another wall after Katya arrives.

Original test for lab concept with Mr. Potter.

RuPaul agrees to squeeze Trixie in during her busy work day.

Like Auntie Mame the decor changes frequently to suit RuPaul's current interests

She's been meditating and studying Eastern traditions with the goal of finding a permanent true love unlike Santa and King Charles III.

Rupaul's Rainbow Rollicking Room Studio Set

Clearly there are some frocks in a box somewhere.

I don't know who the wig warden is, but some shampoo, a comb out and setting is least for our underfunded hair and wardrobe department.

Transport RNA blocks that Cobra Commander and friends like playing with as they scheme of making their pile of money bigger.

Cobra Commander often relies on his Executive Decision Maker wheel to influence his daily planning.

Note, light and center that light.

Fill the hoppers.

Quick turnaround of this set to the Cobra Cannon room to launch the holiday virus and spark the journey again to the Land of the Snowbunnies who possess the only known cure for the PRDFAG virus which will hopefully get the men of Earth back on their feet.

Moving walls is a pain but gives a consistent look. Doesn't Oprah look happy hanging out with Cobra Commander but maybe blonds really do have more fun at least in Ederhansel's World.

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