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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

After reviewing RuPaul Works the Land of Oz I think that a scene revision in which Ru first encounters one of the witch's crystal balls at the beginning of the witch's castle scene that says Love Always Wins and add a stroll passed several crystal balls with progressively funny sayings like "back home in Detroit there's an egg with your name on it", or "avoid too deep a breath of that broom handle after where it's been." They are both a little too long for a crystal ball text insight. Something different though than words like Werk, I like Bucket and Chuck it. I guess that will make it clear why instead of throwing her drink on that witch, she grabbed the next best thing a dirty pail of mop water from the witch's bedroom. New fragrance tie-in Witches Bedroom by Jinkx.

I could tinker around forever reshooting scenes but I am ready to move on. It is without question a higher value entertainment than The Wiz Show which influenced me to do something celebrating Frank Baum's magnificent world on a larger scale. I was preparing to integrate my first RuPaul doll in a future video and she didn't star in the Wiz Show. But as soon as I heard about her affinity for the movie, I said to myself oh honey, I'm going to take you there.

This Town official video really compelled me to begin integrating stock video with the images in my movies and I have very much enjoyed the assets available to support action comics video production on Motion Array, like, the Emerald City title and elaborate architectural detail of the witches castle. The rest is just an assortment of effects for transitions from Motion Array. I just discovered some cool castle interiors as well, great resource.

Since I won't make another movie until November working title Rupaul and the Snow Bunnies save Christmas, I think I will record a director's commentary about the creation of this Oz and RuPaul fantasy. I will discuss and share a compilation of prior video content integrating the Wizard of Oz characters in my doll movies and the progress toward creating this pilot concept for a weekly action comic series which will be sort of like Robot Chicken without the violence and hate. It will be heavy on brand (RuPaul) and concerns of the community (LGBTQIA+2s). If a Lady Bunny doll in 1/6 scale exists, I want it so bad!

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