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RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas, Oh and Katya too!

Updated: May 11, 2023

Latest edit of the story

Edit two with frame transitions added and now the big job of creating story slides and redo the audio integrating some Christmas drag queen songs used in last year's Christmas movie. Hopefully, one more week until completed and then full throttle into writing The Charleses. Reimaging many themes in The Best Little Boy in the World by Andrew Tobias (BLBITW project) will have to wait a bit longer and Trixie is just getting started. I am hesitant to start changing her costumes just yet like any new doll finding her way in my cast and for a full movie I will get sick of her duds quickly. I am so excited about the upcoming Grove movie this summer and have a nagging desire to make a bigger and better Trouble at RuPaul's Fudge Factory traveling to the Moon or Mars. So much to do, so little time.

I am so intrigued by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Space 1999 environments and I just got a new scroll saw so I really want to tackle those sets with some lightweight materials building on the bathroom scene in the fudge factory movie except this time with rounded shapes. I also plan to fire up the Chinese laser cutter this holiday season and see how that might be useful for set creation. The Miya character has so much potential as do the regular cast which are wonderfully diverse with lots of story potential.

And then there is the unfinished Thunderbirds are Gay F.A.G. (renamed from F.A.B.) film which I need to apply to the action comics model. I hope to complete that as well over the holidays while traveling. It is an early clone generation back story for the relationship between Hood and RuPaul that supports the events in the fudge factory movie.

My dream is to someday soon create a full movie supported by Dragonframe with stop motion integrated. The problem remains of the green screen conversion of the substantially higher frame count and an appropriate space for rigging character movement sequences and the always challenging lighting concerns which are not possible in my garage or living room. In the meantime, enjoy the concept art which is basically story boards with music and text added.

I would also love to find some drag queens who possess voiceover talent to support my movies so the ultimate vision of Ederhansel's World Productions has a long way to go. As always I place my faith in the WOW Manifesto for what is possible with dedicated werk.

An NFT image from the Extras

RuPaul gets dressed down by COBRA Commander who explains her responsibility to get Trixie back to work IMMEDIATELY. The current content continues to develop stories of classic GI Joe themes, characters and equipment with a diverse array of interesting doll characters added more recently.

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