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Stately Wayne Manor

Set buildout for the Wayne Manor is completed and two scenes will be completed this week then pivoting to King's Shark's construction yard scene where our heroes meet some peril.

The benefactors of the Wayne Foundation had a great old time as Bruce Wayne raised money for his causes and his guests danced the night away while fanning some new flames between politicians, celebrities, and some notable superheroes. I am preparing separate movies of the entire process of development delivered in content chapters during creation of the action comic which will be shared at the time of the release in early May.

Graysons My Dear Dicks: A New Batman Adventure, adult concept art for Ederhansel's World Action Comics coming soon from Ederhansel's World.

Below is a short video of the initial Wayne Manor set. The round of Robins, Bruce and Selena get comfortable before some univited guests arrive and disrupt family time.

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