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The Charleses

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Starring His Royal Highness King Charles III and her majesty the Queen RuPaul Charles. I've got RuPaul covered but King Charles III when he was younger and prettier coming.

Our stars will get up to all sorts of highjinks and into some rough spots but there will also be lots of similarities and an equal proportion of differences between our heroes lives. Obviously there will be two worlds portrayed and the stars never meet. But anything can happen in the present. Balance is the key to all things. Watch RuPaul adventure on in a new Ederhansel's World production and now officially in pre-production.

More to come still working on story parallels and other ideas. No new exciting set assets but unless extraordinary then not worth purchasing. Certainly not matching much from the environments that the royals rotate in. So it had to be outside places and public appearances. Its the homes part that is difficult even with the background pulled in. The furniture in 1/6 is expensive and still pretty shabby in construction. He is the King you know and he is the modern day Most Dangerous Game having lots of target practice with guests invited to his lands from afar to prove he is a really good shot or marksman and also doing his friends a favor by eliminating their enemies and building some practical hunting skills at the same time.

RuPaul confided individually and in groups to his girls a secret that she did not want to get out and she was betrayed. Now this shit my dear got RuPaul turnt up. She made a decision at a moments passing I am going to put them all out of werk. And then she said to herself. Here you again girl getting all vengeful when you are feeling wronged. You are right she thought as she reframed her intentions.

She was going to teach them what it feel like and she assembled a team to install micro cameras in their homes and record their lives and pay people to watch it for information she could use against them. Girl, I hate to think what Mama's Vengeance be like if this is the stepped down punishment ooookkkkayyyy. And one by one they fell like dominoes to a series of unfortunate events.

Lots of ideation and play in creative writing compared to how we write for the rest of the world. At least I know that my writing matters by me and that's all that matters. Nothing can surpass the love of peoples lives. The affair with Camilla will be fun and I am going to have them fucking in the wildest of places with other like minded individuals. I am going to use some of the footage for the Grove movie this spring. Charles is going to get his ass fucked there and not so coincidentally RuPaul has already performed there twice. So I take back that they will never meet. I need to color match the doll with a scanner to see if rubber doll dicks are available somewhere in the closest color name based on the scan. I wish someone would sell molds and the rubber material so doll dildoes could be mass produced.

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