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The Charleses Chapter 1 Finished

Minor changes I know but still better than the predecessor. Today has been nothing but pre-production challenges for the sci-fi movie. There is something wonderful about adaptation which will ultimately make more sense, be more visually compelling and stick with the design aesthetic of Ederhansel's World. Now I'm getting really excited about set construction which is a dangerous and crazy time in my life for an orderly lifestyle without a production facility and the need to literally rip my house from end to end.

I thought it would be fun to use a 3D printed prop which has never seen a production as a special effects problem solver for the Arcturian Draco moon confrontation in the story. Let's assume that nomad from Star Trek possesses the capability to collect complete imprints of the souls of the planets it assimilates which must within it interact with all other souls in a closed system based solely on soul to soul interactions. Nomad based its simulated universe on the universe itself and on its understanding so far during its travels.

Nomad made short work of the purportedly highly advanced Arcturian race but the Draco Reptlian Empire is so cunning that even after they think that the chips are down that Queen has an ace up her sleeve. After she captures the greatest of them all that eventually becomes who we know as RuPaul you better get ready for the comeuppance.

I am happy to report that I got our Queens dress and she is going to look stunning as she kicks some Reptilian prison planet trash off Earth. You go girl. Perhaps its even time to pull out our Star Trek characters to help out during some time travel because honey they have been missing her since they fought those Aliens so long ago and I have those underutilized set pieces.

RuPaul will kick some mother tucking ass when she don's this dress.

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