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Those Pesky Villains--Story Scene/Cliffhanger Preview

Batman and his Mary Round of Robins have grown concerned about a new syndicate that has formed on in Got Ham City. Several businesses are serving as the core infrastructure for our villains nefarious plan to steal the farts and minds of citizens.

Crime Syndicate in Got Ham City

Supporting Businesses

Shitburgers Neutraceuticals:  Just eat our new diet plan and your body becomes your own private food factory to help stretch your food budget while supporting a sustainable future. They are no joke, commented CEO Joker in a recent press conference.  Shitburgers are easy to prepare with no fuss, and you will be blessing the messes that you create all at home. It’s easy to make shitburgers, just take your daily dose of our nutrition supplement  and in a few days you’ll be reclaiming your daily bowel movements to fry them up in a pan or delight the neighborhood with the aromas from your grill while providing delicious meals for your family and friends.

Mr. Freeze’s Kitchen Toilets:  Integrate our new combo toilet and refrigerated food storage system into your kitchen to store all the makings for delicious shitburger recipes conveniently and safely without the need to take a trip that water wasting bathroom. Get your kitchen toilet today and help build a more sustainable world.

Penguin’s Rookery:  Have you experienced Got Ham city’s newest dinner theater?  Enjoy the latest fashions on the runway while you sample delectable tapas with friends offering shitburger delicacies with international flair gathered from the diverse citizens of Got Ham city and prepared and collected from their unique bio-kitchens.

B.S. Pharmaceuticals:  Bane and Scarecrow have compared notes on methods for optimizing human bio-reactor business development and are looking to expand the opportunities presented by the growing brand extensions in the shitburger industry.  Their new patented A.N.T.S. micro-spray coats autonomous nano-technology swarms on useful beauty products like toilet paper, cotton balls, swabs and soon to textiles to expand pharmaceutical distribution for your latest bio-engineered inventions. It’s not B.S., you can rely on trusted names like Bane and Scarecrow to scare away the competition for delivery of your next plague. 

The Hornet’s Nest:  Join our hosts Green Hornet, Kato, and the Riddler as they tease out the solutions to today’s biggest social problems on their new hit show for the ages.  Watch out for their sting and be sure to wear your thinking cap as you find answers for ensuring the syndicate's future in Got Ham city is achieved one debate at a time.   

Shark Industries Construction:  Need help with building those businesses to support the limitless economic opportunities offered by the growing shitburger economy?  King Shark is the only monarch you’ll need to build a better future for Got Ham city.  Let King Shark sink his teeth into all your business needs and support the growth of your own shitburger cottage industry. Convert all your old bathrooms in homes and industry today and benefit from the piles of opportunity growing in the shitburger industry.   

Quinn’s Petting Zoo:  Get closer to nature with your kids while supporting the new factory farming potential of shitburger meat production without the need to kill all those cute animals we have grown to love. Schedule a tour today to support shitburger production in a food production facility supporting animal rights that replaces the kill floor with stations where you can rub the bellies of our menagerie of animals producing exotic shitburgers. Don’t Weasel out of the fun while learning how to evacuate the city, your progeny's social media addictions and bowels with class in an idyllic pastoral experience while getting back to nature.     

Deadshot’s Safari:  Right up the road from Quinn’s Petting Zoo, Deadshot will be your guide for chartered hunting trips catering to those who lack the vision for supporting the growth potential of the shitburger industry. 

Graysons My Dear Dicks: A New Batman Adventure coming soon from Ederhansel's World LLC. Watch all the Ederhansel's World Action Comics concept art for adults on the EderhanselsWorld channel on BitChute or Rumble.

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