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Thunderbirds Director's Cut

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I am happy to report that the editing for the prequel for the fudge factory movie is nearing completion and is currently compiling the fifth edit of the original source material. It will be linked on Rumble to this site when suitable in construction.

It was fun to create but left me feeling a bit anxious for all the remaining pre-production work for the Charleses. The project though was perfect for work during downtime for a recent trip to Las Vegas which helped me reconnect with the gay community which is practically non-existent where I live now.

I also was able to secure some awesome new doll assets for the future space project sequel to the fudge factory movie. I will cover those separately in a future post as that movie goes into pre-production perhaps this summer depending on the next Grove project completion timeframe. The new space movie set on the Moon and Mars will be spectacular beyond compare to prior work and I am so excited, but I need to focus on the Charleses and sadly yet again the special treatment for Trixie Mattel in the reimagined Best Little Boy in the World starring Trixie Mattel will have a wait a while longer.

There are so many movies that I want to make that I can barely keep up. My job though is performing excellently in the unending quest to destroy my dreams...for now.

The revision of Thunderbirds was particularly challenging because the raw frames were shot pre-scripting in 2020/2021 versus 2022 when This Town was produced using a script for the first time supporting shooting as has been the case with subsequent projects. All of the prior work was basically throwing dolls into sets to produce a great many frames to support music video slide shows in the original production model. The process of recreating the source material into various stories based on the situations shot highlights the potential of the 30K plus frames which were shot since 2020 for future diverse theme storytelling.

The Thunderbirds content was the content basis for action comics in which RuPaul is cast in various heroic challenges to overcome through proper use of her cunning uniqueness nerve and talent. I hope that you enjoy The Directors Cut of RuPaul Werks the Hood: Thunderbirds are Gay F.A.G. as much as I have grown to love the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson which should never in my opinion be replaced with 3D animation when stop motion animation and found item set construction offers so much potential.

Just a little update because I have been remiss in posting lately. 53 minutes remain until the compile completes.

As for the Charleses. I have been considering the royals' and RuPaul dwelling sets along with the reality show quite a bit. Ironically, I paid for a tour of Windsor Castle in 2020 when I had planned to take a group of students to Ireland, Wales, London and Paris but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the GI Joe Project was born in the place of that trip, but nevertheless seeing the Queen Mary miniature would have been useful. While the end product will be nothing like the dollhouse produced by so many artists it will contrast and parallel the lives of the King (Charles) and Queen (RuPaul) presented. The essential rooms for royal sets will include the dining room, grand salon, King's bedroom, a suitable Man's room and kitchen. I would love to do an entry hall and front door, but sadly it may not be possible unless I can drum up a 1/6 stairwell and and mini-chandelier or four. The grand piano remains something I would love to find in appropriate scale, and there are always small frames with pictures to fill up a diorama's walls. The white linen tablecloths will also be easy to pull off. I made need to have some chair covers sewn to seat 16-20 dolls on something other than folding chairs or cheap looking dollhouse dining chairs which may have to do. From the current script draft, the dinner scene is very important to consider since so much will transpire during that meeting. 33 minutes remain until the Thunderbird's compile completes, stay tuned to Ederhansel's World.

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